Bishop Search Timeline


January 2020

The Standing Committee appoints the Search Committee and gives them their Charge.

February/March 2020

The Search Committee conducts four Deanery Listening Sessions and one Clergy Listening Session to receive input for the development of the Diocesan Profile.

March/April 2020

The Search Committee will fully develop the Diocesan Profile.

May 2020

The Search Committee receives names via open nominations.

June/July 2020

The Search Committee reviews applications, conducts interviews, checks references, and begins background checks.

August 2020

Those still being considered will be invited to a three-day discernment retreat with the Bishop Search Committee.

Following this retreat, the Search Committee will gather to discern the candidates to be recommended to the Standing Committee.

The Search Committee will recommend at least three nominees to the Standing Committee.

Names of the nominees will be announced by the Standing Committee on or before August 21.

The petition process will be open from August 21-29.

October 2020

Paperwork for all petition candidates, if any, must be completed by October 7.

November 2020

Walkabouts for the Nominees will be conducted throughout the diocese during the first week of the month.

The Election of the XV Bishop of the Diocese of South Carolina at the 230th Diocesan Convention on Friday, November 20, 2020.